Equine Mortality:

An equine mortality policy provides coverage for death as a result of an injury, illness, or humane destruction, and includes loss or death as a result of theft. Coverage territory includes the continental USA and Canada.Coverage outside of the US can be added to most policies by endorsement. Premiums are based on the horse's breed, age, and use. ​

Equine Major Medical & Surgical Coverage:

Most carriers offer a range of options to reimburse veterinary expenses that arise as a result of accident, illness, or disease. These coverages are not available on a stand-alone basis but are designed to be added to a Full Mortality Policy by endorsement. Let us help you customize your policy with the right amount of major medical coverage to fit your budget and also give you peace of mind that any catastrophic or unexpected issue would be well covered.

Other Coverages:

  • Third Party Liability - provides coverage in the event the insured horse causes bodily injury or property damage to a third party.
  • Territorial Limits Including Transit - Mortality coverages may be extended to include coverage while transporting to, from, and while staying in other approved countries.
  • Stallion Infertility for A, S, & D - Coverage in the event a proven stallion becomes permanently incapable of settling mares in foal as a result of an accident, sickness, or disease. Pays up to 100% of the limit of liability.
  • External Injury Loss of Use - Coverage for if the insured horse becomes totally and permanently unfit for its insured use as a result of a visible, external, accidental and violent means injury. Pays up to 50% of the limit of liability.
  • Full Loss of Use - Coverage for if the insured horse suffers an illness or injury, and as a result becomes totally and permanently unfit for its insured use. Pays up to 50% of the limit of liability.
  • Named Perils - Available to horses of any age over 24 hours, this coverage is for death as a result of specific named causes such as fire and lightning, and includes coverage for theft.

Equine Liability:

Personal and commercial equine liability policies are designed to protect equestrian amateurs and professionals and their breeding, boarding, horse sales, training, and instructing activities. Coverage provides for legal liability to third parties for bodily injury or property damage arising out of any covered equestrian exposures, and also provides for defense costs and related expenses.

Event policies are also available to cover independent equine events and annual policies for equine clubs and associations and their public event days.


Equine Personal Liability (EPL)

Available to a horse owner or the lessee of a horse, this coverage is designed to provide coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties caused by personally owned or personally leased horses when used for personal or pleasure purposes. Coverage can be written as an individual policy or can be added to a CGL policy.

Equine Commercial General Liability (CGL)

Available to professionals who are breeding, boarding, training, instructing, and/or operating any eligible equine facility, this policy provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties arising from declared commercial equestrian activities. The policy can be extended to provide on premises coverage for independent trainers or instructors.

Race Horse Owner's and Trainer's Equine Commercial General Liability (RHO&T CGL)

This policy is designed for race horse owners, race horse trainers, and race horse owners or trainers who have related activities such as breeding or sales. Race Horse Owner's Equine Personal Liability Coverage is also available as an addition to the standard Equine CGL policy.

Care, Custody, or Control (CCC)

CCC coverage is to protect an insured in the event the insured or an employee of the insured are found legally liable for the death, injury, or theft of a horse in their Care, Custody, or Control. Incidental transit coverage within the continental U.S. and Canada is included in CCC coverage. CCC coverage limits are on a per horse/per year basis. Coverage can be written as an individual policy or coverage can be added to a CGL policy.

Equine Professional Liability Coverage

Available as an addition to a CGL policy, Equine Professional Liability provides coverage for damages arising from legal liability resulting from any negligent act, error, or omission arising out of the insured's professional equine activities.

Equine Event CGL Policy

Liability coverage is available for individual horse shows, clinics, or equestrian events. Coverage is provided for the actual event days declared and includes days for both setup and takedown.

Equine Clubs and Associations CGL Policy

This policy is designed to provide liability coverage for equine member organizations and their public event days. Public event days are those activities in which non-members participate, or to which the general public is invited.

Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL)

Comprehensive Personal Liability is only available in conjunction with a property policy that insures an owner-occupied primary residence. CPL coverage may then be added to a CGL policy or purchased as an individual policy. CPL covers general non-equine liability exposure for personal, not commercial, purposes.

Equine Farm/Ranch & Estate Coverage ​

Farm/Ranch & Estate policies insure the usual and unique property exposures of most horse farm owners, whether their operations are primarily personal, commercial, or both. It provides insurance coverages for dwellings and related coverages, farm buildings including barns, arenas, and farm personal property including tack and related equipment. The program allows an applicant to choose coverage forms, deductibles, and loss settlement options, for most eligible classes of property when desired. Let an experienced equine professional help tailor a farm policy that best fits your needs and budget.