Meet Jennifer Oliver

I rode for a living, starting youngsters, training, teaching and showing for 15 years after attending Virginia Intermont College with a declared double major in business admin and equine studies. I began my insurance career as a part time ‘fill in’ for the Orange County Farm Bureau Office. Through this part time work, I began to feel very passionate about the fact that people were either mis-insured, under-insured or over insured because they didn't have the proper information and guidance. Health insurance was my first pet project initially because I could see how much seniors and young families needed help making informed decisions about this type of coverage. This insurance 'thing' grew a life of it's own and I have become very involved and interested in helping horse owners insure their investments and loving pets, farmers insure the enormous investments in their fields, as well as, all farm owners in between. Both of my daughters ride & have horse shown with me off and along the way. I have a talented horseman partner who helps me bring along my own performance horses now and feel nothing but grateful for this beautiful life!